Our body has self-healing capacity

Dr. Jensen’s thoughts:

“The true responsibility for the handling of disease should be put directly in the hands of those who are dedicated to preventing diseases.

We spend a great deal of time and money patching and fixing up a broken-down physical vehicle that was designed to be self-repairing, self-rebuilding, self-rejuvenating. If we would only take care of it properly in the beginning, it wouldn’t develop so many problems.

Every disease takes time to develop. To eliminate a disease properly it is necessary that we spot it and take care of it in the beginning.

Our American cancer society says that I takes at least 20 years to develop many types of cancer. Where is the doctor who can diagnose and take care of these diseases in the beginning? People need prevention and early treatment, not such a late diagnosis that there is little that can be done.

A body that is chemically well-balanced will normalize itself. Every disease, every symptom, discharge, pain, indicates chemical imbalance in the body.

Eighty percent of all diseases treated in the U.S. are chronic. I am sure that half of these problems could be corrected by developing the proper nutritional balance in our eating program.”

Source: The Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jensen, PhD.  Whitman Publications 2007.

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