The fasting and colemas begin – Day 1

This morning we found out we could start the Detox program and that our pre-cleansing steps haved worked. We woke up around 6 am to do the pH Test of our saliva. The pH test is performed to find if it is safe to start the program. Too much acidity means we could have problems with lactic acid later on. We moistened with saliva the yellow pH paper and it turned green/blue which meant our acid levels were fine.

At 7 am we started our cleansing fast with a detox drink. This drink is composed of “Bentonite” clay liquid detoxifier mixed with “Psyllium” husk bulk intestinal cleanser in a glass of pineapple juice or watermelon juice. We took 5 detox drinks every 3 hours.

Picture: At 7am sharp Tarci waiting for her Detox drink


At 7:30 we had our meditation session with Yongdu, who teaches loving-kindness meditation. During the last 10 minutes of each session we send healing energy, love and happiness to our body, family, friends and to the world.

At 8:30 we started taking the herbal supplements: 3 intestinal cleanser capsules plus 3 Herbal Nutrient capsules.  We took a total of 30 capsules throughout the day.

At 8:45 we had a class of Yin Yoga. Much of the yoga now practiced in the West is Yang practice, which is an active practice that primarily focuses on movement and muscular contraction. Yin Yoga focuses on body awareness and deep stretches of joint, ligaments and fasciae.  With Yin Yoga you hold poses for at least several minutes and stretch the connective tissue around a joint. In order to do so, the overlying muscles must be relaxed.  We did a whole hour of stretching the hips.

Early in the afternoon we went to the steam room and had our first ampuku massage. Ampuku therapy, or abdominal massage, is an offshoot of Shiatsu which deals with the stimulation of the “Hara”, the area of the abdomen.  All vital energies flow into the hara. The major blood vessels including the Aorta and Vena Cava pass through it, and, obviously, the hara is the seat of the digestive, reproductive and sexual organs. At an emotional level, the hara is the place where much of our deepest emotional armouring is found.

The colema is probably the scariest part of the program.  It consists of putting a bucket filled with freshly ground coffee (2 cups) and apple cider (2 table spoons) and about 16 liters of pure water on a hook high above in the wall. Then you have to  lie down on a “colema board” which is attached to the toilet and make yourself comfortable. Finally you insert a small tube in your anus and let the solution fill your colon. Then you release the water inside and you re-fill the colon. You continue this process until the mixture finishes.

It was a bit of a dramatic experience for both of us to have so much liquid mixture in our colon and more shocking to see how much “stuff” we had in our body. We were thankful that our landlord Steven had given us plenty of tips. He took a whole afternoon explaining what to expect and how to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Now at the end of the day we are dead tired! It has been a long day without food and a lot of emotions. We are going to have a broth that tastes like a tea and is made by boiling 21 different vegetables. This should help replenish the minerals and vitamins that we are consuming throughout the day.

We don’t think the next seven days will be easy, but we have decided to start our trip taking care of our bodies. This fasting cleansing that we are doing has been highly recommended as the first step to healthy living.   By experiencing this detox program we expect to learn and build our knowledge on holistic healing.

Yoga, meditation and inspiration

We have been very fortunate to stay in a place with inspirational views and great energy to meditate and do yoga in the mornings.  Everyday we are waking up at dawn to do one hour meditation and one hour of yoga to feed our minds and souls.


Home Away From Home in Thailand


Nowadays, you can find pretty much anything on the internet including great deals on housing. We are using airbnb to search for places to stay and found this gorgeous two-floor small apartment within a Spa in northern Thailand for less than 30 USD/per night. In the picture above you can see the roof (the one of the far right) of our current home.

The benefits of staying within a Spa are many as you can imagine but we enjoy the most being able to have a delicious healthy meal outdoors in the restaurant while we plan our next destination.


Another benefit that we are enjoying tremendously is that we are far away from major cities and within walking distance we can visit villages and watch the local farmers while they plant the rice fields.


Finally, waking up with an amazing view is a priceless experience. Our bedroom view in the mornings in pictured below.


Thailand: Our First Country

On July 6th, we arrived in Bangkok, Thailand! We could only believe it after we had our first Thai Curry. D E L I C I O U S!!!  At this point we really felt like all we did was eat so we decided to go for a walk to explore the city for a few hours before our flight to Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand).


When the airplane landed in Chiang Mai we knew we had chosen the perfect place to start our inner journey in Asia.

Unwinding in Hawaii

As you can probably imagine, after a few hectic months wrapping up at work, packing, moving and visiting family and friends, we needed a little break. And since Hawaii was on the way to Asia… We had to stop there for a few days.







Requirements Before the Trip

Our journey started with a “pre-trip” visit to Brasil and the US. We had about 2 weeks with family eating every single Brazilian dish. Salvador tried for the first time muqueca, escondidinho de charque, feijoada, bacalhau cooked in 4 different forms, acaraje, empadinha de queijo coalho, arrumadinho de carne de sol, camarão na moranga, tapioca, feijao verde, casquinha de caranguejo and probably a different dessert for each one of our meals!


Yes… We have gained some weight. In between meals, though, we did manage to do some sightseeing.

Afternoon in Olinda, Pernambuco


“Festa de São João” in Recife


Salvador learning how to dance “forró


Visiting Brennand Museum


New soccer stadium being built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasília


National Congress of Brasília


After the family blessings we went to Atlanta to visit our close friends and to buy the last items for our trip.

Eating our last Burgers at Vortex with Carol & Mauricio


The “Brazilian Pack” in Atlanta

Brazilian Pack

We wish we had pictures as well of our barbecue at Tania & Howard’s house and our time with Frabicio & Jeff which were very special to us!

With all this good energy and love, we were sent on our way to Asia.

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