We survived our first detox fasting!

We have finished the detox! Detoxing and not eating made us think about food.  This past week has been full of detox drinks, colemas, herbal supplements and laxatives. Almost every night we dreamt about food and it was not easy.  We realized how much we are attached to food, even when our body does not really need it. We are very happy we have done this program as it is probably one of the most important steps for us to move into a holistic well-being.  Fasting (or semi-fasting) targets the body, the mind and to a certain extent the spirit.

Body: We have lost significant weight very quickly (Salvador almost 8 kilos) and we managed to do Yoga almost every day.  We are getting quickly back in shape. We are more flexible and more energetic. Internally we feel our blood cleaner and purified.

Now that the fast is over, we know that if we return to our same diet then we will lose our lively state of being.  Besides, we would gain the weight back and probably put on extra weight.. So we need to change some of our old eating habits.

With this in mind we have decided to educate ourselves on healthy eating. We have read the ancient ways of eating in Asia, eating healthy with whole foods, raw foods, food combinations and more. You can expect to see more on this topic soon.

Mind:  This week has been a roller coaster for our minds. Up, downs, left and right and then again up and down. The first day we were all excited to start a detox program. Day 2 without food and with the detoxification starting to kick in we felt a bit miserable. Day 3 was a repeat of day 2 the only difference was that we slept poorly the night before and in the little sleep we had we dreamt about food. Day 4, 5 and 6 were probably some of the best days of our lives. We woke up full of energy, our minds clear and a very active unpolluted mind. The energy level lowered a little in the afternoon/night and we would forget basic things such as where we put the keys or if we had taken our pills (for Tarci this is normal but for Salva is a big deal).

We fed our minds with great books we borrowed and deep conversations with researchers, writers, teachers and several other interesting people we met at the Spa.

Day 7 was the last stretch and we were just happy to know we did not have to be tied to a schedule with literally 19 activities every day (including 2 colon enemas!)

Spirit:  Fasting is the world’s most ancient and natural healing mechanism and for some people it is also a Spiritual experience. Hindu Yogis are famous fasters and colon cleansers. Muslims fast during Ramadan, the Jewish calendar has several fast days and both Jesus and Buddha fasted for up to 40 days at a time.

While we did not have any major spiritual experience, we felt the thirst for greater spiritual knowledge.  Every morning we went to meditation class and during the difficult times we would breathe into the aching parts of our bodies. It is pretty amazing how we have the power to heal ourselves.

Usually the last session of our meditation classes were dedicated to send Love & Kindness to people in need.  Since we were “starving”, we talked about the difficulties and sufferings that children have to endure due to the lack of food.  Maybe because of this we came across a video of a starving boy drinking milk from a street dog. This video affected us greatly at a spiritual level and put things in perspective.

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  1. Interesante, me imagino que para hacer ese régimen de dieta no debes tampoco ingerir fármacos, tu cuerpo tiene que estar libre de cualquier droga. Así es??.


    Tarci e Salva,
    Desejo muito sucesso com as novas experiências!
    Deus abencôe todos os vossos passos.
    Com certeza toda a humanidade ficará grata!
    Grande abraço com muito orgulho!
    Eliane e Stuart

  3. Vanessa Vasconcelos says:

    Oi Tarci, Oi Salvador,
    Nossa!!! Imagino que tenha sido uma experiência jamais vivida!! Que vocês aprendam e possam repassar para outras pessoas as boas lições!! Não sentiram dores de cabeça de fome??
    Adorei ver algumas fotos de vocês. E você, Tarci, perdeu qauntos quilos? Só li que Salvador perdeu 8kg.
    Beijão e boa sorte!

  4. @Reyna: Lo ideal seria que no se tome ninguna pastilla pero hay enfermedades cronicas donde no se aconseja dejar el tratamiento.
    @Eliane e Stuart: Obrigada pela mensagem linda! Amem!!!
    @Van: Oi Van! Obrigada :) Nada de dor de cabeça, nem dor de estômago, tudo perfeito! Descobrimos aqui que quando você consome frutas e vegetais você alcaliniza o corpo e desta forma nao tem “efeitos adversos” durante o jejum. Aprendemos também que os doces, paes e carboidratos que Tarci adora geram acido no corpo. Tarci perdeu 6 kg! Esta com o corpo de adolescente de novo! hahaha Beijao
    Tarci & Salva

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