A Quick Stop by Singapore

On our way from India to Indonesia we stopped by the world’s no. 1 city for infrastructure, highest income and least corrupt public sector. (Source: http://app.www.sg/who/195/Living-conditions.aspx)

We really enjoyed our stay in Singapore!

Before visiting The Matrimandir we decided to do a little fasting. Tarci broke the 3-day fast after visiting Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram but Salva was still fasting when we got to Singapore. Salva broke the juice fasting after 8 days with a delicious coconut meat.


Tarci & Salva on our way to Sentosa beach
Britto, famous Brazilian artist, also left his mark in Singapore
A walk around Clarke Quay
Delicious dinner by the river
Singapore view at night

Auroville – A City for Human Unity

It is said that all men of goodwill, who thirst for progress and aspire to a higher and truer life are invited to Auroville. Auroville is a young city, inaugurated in 1968 by representatives of 124 countries and 23 Indian states, who placed a handful of earth from their countries in a lotus-shaped urn as a symbol of human unity.

Auroville does not belong to India nor to any other country. It is a universal town that belongs to Humanity. The idea of the city came to The Mother in the 1930s. She met Sri Aurobindo in the early 1900s and immediately recognized him as a guru. Together, they worked to help us evolve our level of consciousness. With the mind development, they believed humans could consciously participate in the process of inner discovery and life’s true purpose, not only as an individual but also as a meaningful part of our evolving world.

Thank to Salvador’s Dad, Carlo Carlucci, we decided to visit this universal city and experienced one of the most amazing feelings in the world inside the Matrimandir.

The outside of the Matrimandir


This is how the meditation room inside the Matrimandir looks like. Unbelievable energy!


 Salva learning about the history of Auroville


 Salva reading in the peaceful guesthouse where we stayed


We leave you with this short inspirational quote from The Mother. We hope it helps you in your self-discovery process.

For millennia, we have been developing outer means, outer instruments, outer techniques of living and finally those means and techniques are crushing us. The sign of the new humanity is a reversal in the standpoint, and the understanding that inner knowledge and inner technique can change the world and master it without crushing it.

Auroville is a place where this new way of living is being worked out, it is a centre of accelerated evolution where man must begin to change his world through the power of his inner spirit.

The Mother

Hyderabad visiting friends

A trip to India would not be complete without a visit to  Salvador’s special team in Hyderabad.

Thank you Hez for “being our host” and getting everyone together. Thank you Sanjay, Viswa, Asim, Anup, Nikita, Neha, Hez, Abishek, Ashlyn, Jayant and Sowmya for taking some time off your busy schedules to come have dinner with us.

We look forward to meeting you around the world in the future!


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